North Star: Your Seashell Central Hub
North Star: Your Seashell Central Hub

North Star: Your Seashell Central Hub

Welcome to North Star, the Seashell Hub where you can find out more about:
  1. The Vision ⭐: You’re in control to choose the vaults that you need most.
  1. Products 🔍: Explore user-friendly Vaults on GMX & Arbitrum, with multiple options to choose from. 💪
  1. Community 🙋🏽‍♂️ : Join our vibrant community on Discord and Twitter, where insights flow and updates abound. 💬
  1. Team 🤝: Connect with our dedicated team. Together, we thrive! 👥
  1. Governance 🗳️ : Shape the future of DeFi through proposals and polls. Your voice matters! 🗣️

The Vision

Community-owned tools that make DeFi easier for everyone.

We’re building better interfaces so that DeFi can become simpler, smarter, and more effective for users of all skill levels.
Sometimes, life in DeFi feels like a long list of chores, so we’re empowering you to automate your routines and get on with your life.
How has the vision manifested itself today…? 👇
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Blueberry Vaults 🫐
  • Zap crypto from any chain to earn high rewards on Arbitrum with just 1-click
  • 3 vaults: auto-compounding, leveraged, and stablecoin (delta-neutral)
  • New vaults are constantly being added!
Community Do you believe in the vision? Then come aboard & join us for lively discussions and updates! 🚀 📢  Discord 💬 Twitter 🤝 Guild
😉  Task List / Scavenger Hunt 👀🧠🤫
Use the Blueberry Vaults 🫐 (try them all!)
Vote on Governance Proposals 👇

Quick Links

Quick Links


Quick Survey: Make your voice heard! 👇 Survey respondents will get a special sneak peek of Seashell’s next product launch and exclusive team access!
Past Polls & Proposals + Outcomes👇
Poll #
Voted on whether or not a leverage strategy vault should be created and deployed
Passed = 95%+ yes, the 3x leveraged GLP Vault deployed
Voted on which platforms should be considered for further vault development
Ended = Shortlist created for Token-gated Vote (above)
Voted on the Vault Wars to determine the next community-owned vault and which protocol it will built upon
Ended = VELA Exchange received the most votes.
For more info, visit the Governance page.

Dedicated to pushing forward the mission for a better web3 experience.